The Little One

Art Direction & Photography

A personal project of mine born out of an obsession with the humble Japanese rice ball - the onigiri. Thelittleone specialises in delivering hand crafted bentos to isolated and hungry Amsterdammers, with the aim to elevate this traditional Japanese snack to the main event.

The visual identity expresses both my love for asian food and refined Japanese aesthetics. I wanted a rich colour palette that was reminiscent of the ingredients that form the foundation of any onigiri -  seaweed and rice. Meanwhile elegant photography celebrated the many shapes and forms these seemingly simple rice balls can take, and my own personal touch was woven into the tone of voice, and the flavours I longed for were integrated into each unique recipe. Thelittleone combined all of my passions into one, and was more than happy to share it with a wider community.

Curious for a little more? Head over to @thelittleone_co on instagram to check for the latest updates and highlights.



Art Director, Chef, Photographer

Personal Project

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