The Student Hotel - Brand Book

Graphic Design

The Student Hotel is inherently a tangible brand, connecting with their guests through striking interior design, bringing communities together and a cheeky tone of voice. Hence why the brand continues to come to life through a physical publication.

This coffee table book will feature in every single hotel room and lobby giving all visitors who walk through their doors a fresh perspective on what TSH stands for, their creative offerings, and plans for the future.

Creating a sense of community is at the heart of TSH, therefore we begin right in the middle of the book - a very unconventional start that amplifies the playfulness of the brand. There is no right way to navigate through this book with each spread designed different from the next. The overall design is punctuated with circular motifs as a reminder of community, combined with a dynamic mix of typefaces and bold colours that showcase the maturation of the brand.

My role in this project was to come up with the creative concept, art direct both the design and new photography, and be the liaison between TSH and the printer.

The following spreads show a small selection from this 100+ page book.



Creative lead & Graphic Designer

The Student Hotel

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